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STEM Recruitment and cookies – updated February 2022

At STEM Recruitment, we are thrilled about the opportunities that new technology is bringing us. Cookies are just one way that we can deliver an even better experience for you. Consequently we use cookies to create the most effective experience for you by serving relevant information as well as continuously improving the experience.

How we use cookies

We use cookies for a lot of things, however here is a list if you want to know more in detail:

Can I use STEM Recruitment without accepting cookies?

Yes. If you choose not to accept all cookies you can still use the STEM Recruitment site. You will still get the ‘necessary’ cookies, which are critical to logging you in and giving you relevant content. Secondly, there are certain behavioral cookies that we deem ‘necessary’, as certain clients need to understand the activity on their jobs and employer profiles. This data is 100% anonymized. If you do not accept all cookies you will not get the cookies related for overall statistics and marketing purposes.

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