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Medical Communications

Find a rewarding role where you can create and deliver clear, accurate and engaging scientific information to diverse audiences.


Discover opportunities in pharmaceuticals, where you’ll develop, test or manufacture safe and effective drugs for health and wellbeing.


We’ll connect you to opportunities in bioscience, where you’ll use your skills and expertise in the structure and function of living organisms and systems.


We understand the importance of chemistry in various industries and applications, and we’ll match you to the most rewarding roles in this area.


Investigate the diversity of life forms with roles in biology. Our recruitment experts will help to connect you to rewarding careers in


Find roles in environmental science and sustainability, where you’ll discover solutions to some of the most important challenges around the world.

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“Jodie  was extremely helpful, professional and speedy, making the whole experience very pleasant. I have dealt with recruitment agencies before and none have come close to being as good as this. I will definitely be recommending STEM Recruitment to my graduate friends thanks to her!”
STEM Recruitment candidate
“The job sector has been extremely difficult in terms of finding the right employment. Jodie went above and beyond with my application process. From the brilliant advice to fast replies via emails/calls, she  looked after me and made this process as comfortable as possible while maintaining a high level of professionalism. I will be recommending STEM Recruitment to all my STEM friends.”
Amit Candidate

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