Why Should A Graduate Create A LinkedIn Account?

10 February 2018

Sophie Chadwick

LinkedIn has been considered a revolutionary social media platform, as it is business and employment orientated and is home to the world’s largest professional network with around 400 million users. It is becoming increasingly popular with employers, as more and more are turning to LinkedIn to help them find a suitable candidate for a job role. It is considered the future of recruitment and that is just one of the many reasons a graduate should create a profile!


Showcase Your Skills and Experience:

On LinkedIn profiles there are a variety of sections provided where you can talk freely about yourself. These include your current and past work experience, volunteering, honors you have received, what languages you speak, your skills and much more. Think of it as an online CV! You can really sell yourself on this website, highlighting to potential employers your relevant experience and strengths that you can apply in a business setting. There are even ‘endorsement’ and ‘recommendation’ features on the website, validating your skillset and increasing your employability.

Make A Connection:

LinkedIn enables you to make connections with others, including friends, family and colleagues, which is easily done by importing your address book. If you take the time to explore on LinkedIn, you will see the vast number of professionals who use the website, including large companies and SME’s. Connect with people you know or companies that interest you, as building relationships means a stronger profile and network. You can carry out your own research of prospective employers and be frequently updated on what they post and potential job roles, thus creating your own opportunities.

Learn and Share:

Finally, LinkedIn is essential for learning from others and passing your own knowledge on. Joining a group proves to be beneficial as people who share the same interests and aspirations can share relevant content with one another. You can also find advice and thought-provoking posts on the site, which may inspire you to post your own – your experience could offer vital advice to a fellow friend or student and vice versa.

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