3 Essential Tips for STEM Students Starting University

2 June 2018

Sophie Chadwick

Stay on top

Starting university can involve making new friends, learning a new timetable, finding your way around campus, joining societies and clubs, tasting the local nightlife and perhaps even living in a new city or country. This can make it hard to focus on your studies. Remember to keep in mind that STEM subjects in particular require you to build on previous knowledge. If you miss key information at the start of your degree it may be harder to learn new information in the coming months and years.  Employers can also request a copy of your academic transcript (your grades for every module) so remember consistency is key.

Stay in the know

Keep up to date with advancements in your field, is there a new development in technology that looks interesting? A controversial scientific project currently being debated? Get ‘in the know’ and use this information in seminars, essays, exams and general chit chat with your peers. Backing yourself up with up to date information makes your work more relevant and can make your opinion more credible too, which can be particularly impressive in interviews.

Stay calm

Scanning over your list of modules, term timetable and exams can be daunting. Don’t lose faith in yourself, you’ve done the work to earn  your place at University and this wouldn’t have been possible without your hard work thus far. Break down your workload into manageable chunks, talk through ideas with course friends and your tutors and  don’t be afraid to head home to see old friends, enjoy home comforts and dig out your old notes and textbooks once in a while.

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