5 CV Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

22 January 2018

Sophie Chadwick

1. Put Your Contact Details On Your CV

It sounds obvious but people often miss them off. There is nothing more soul destroying than reading the perfect candidates CV and having no way to get in touch with them!

2. Don’t Title Your CV ‘CV’

We receive a lot of documents with the title ‘CV.’ Adding your name makes it easier for us to find you. It also helps you to stand out from the other 15 ‘CV’s’ who applied for the same job.

3. Put Your Qualifcation Grades On Your CV

It saves us having to chase you up, and you having to tell us. Missing them off because you think they’re too low won’t actually help in the long run. Be upfront and honest to avoid confusion. Including them also shows you are thorough and pay attention to detail.

4. Send A Word and PDF Copy Of Your CV

Stylish formatting and having a sleek PDF is great and it can give you an edge, but as a recruitment agency we will probably need to edit parts of it so that we can add our own contact details. Having a Word copy makes this far easier for us and saves us from tampering with your hard work. (Some jobs require really high standard PDFs, so we understand this might not always be possible)!

5. Don’t Go Buzzword Crazy

A lot of people use the same cliché phrases in their CV. We read the same buzzwords over and over again. Being a ‘team player’ is a good skill but try and find an original way to tell us about it, using your own brief examples wherever possible. Conversely, however, don’t go too crazy on originality by describing yourself as a ‘CV Legend!’ Genuine example.

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